Monday, December 5, 2011


Wow, I have been MIA for quite a while. I have had so many things going on in my personal life that I just haven't had much time to post about my teaching life. 

My 18 year old son has been the center of a lot of what's been going on. My son has decided that he is finished with high school, he wants to quit school, get his GED, and go to the local community college. I can't say that I blame him, he is 18 years old, he will be 19 in a few months and he is a junior in high school, thanks to No Child Left Behind, he was retained TWICE in elementary school. I can't really say anything bad about his idea, I myself quit school and got my GED in the 11th grade, because I hated school (oh the irony), and now I have a Master's degree so having a GED instead of a High School Diploma didn't hold me back at all and I know it won't hold him back either. The fact that he wants to leave high school for college is not something I can disagree with. He is more mature that his classmates, and he has to be careful which girls he dates because of the age differences. So I have been busy helping him prepare for the GED test. 

Then on top of all that (and the Marzano meltdown earlier this year) my son (Yes the same one) was in a go-cart accident last Tuesday. We thought he broke both of his ankles but thank God, he only sprained them. His right ankle was just sprained but his left ankle is a deep sprain with soft tissue damage and bone bruising. He is in 2 compression boots for about 2 weeks, and then he can stop wearing the right one. He may have to wear the left boot for 4-6 weeks. 

This is what his left ankle looked like the morning after the accident

Cool new kicks!! LOL

My poor baby!

This is how it looks today - getting better but still painful


  1. Welcome back!! You were missed!!! Boy do those ankle pics look familiar!!!! Check out older posts on my daughter injured her ankle during a vball match...tore all 3 ligaments and has nerve damage. She has therapy every day...thankfully getting better:) Hope things start to settle down for you:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Oh my goodness! I hope she is getting better quickly. My son has to go back to the doctor on the 14th and they will determine if he needs to have an MRI to look for any further damage. The weird thing is that as the swelling has gone down in his ankle his foot is still pretty swollen and now his foot hurts worse than his ankle. The foot hurts to the touch but the ankle hurts with weight bearing. I'm worried that since they only x-rayed his ankle they may have missed something in the foot. I'm debating calling the orthopedist again tomorrow. I just don't want to seem like a Nervous Nelly or an overbearing momma.

  3. Ouch! That looks painful! I hope it heals quickly!