Sunday, February 12, 2012

Master's in Reading

Well, I have been debating between getting my specialist degree or a second Master's degree and I have finally made up my mind. My daughter, who is a first year first grade teacher helped me to make the decision. She has decided to return to school to get her Master's degree in Reading, which is what I was thinking about getting mine in. Originally she was planning to go to traditional on campus classes but she has changed her mind and was looking for an online program. I directed her to Grand Canyon University, which is where I obtained my Master's degree. My degree is just a general Master's of Art in Teaching but she wants a more specialized degree focusing in reading. So I have decided that I will get a 2nd Master's degree in reading. I spoke to my original academic advisor at GCU and guided my daughter to him as well. He is going to set it up so that we will be in the same classes at the same time. SO even though she lives 2 hours away we will be taking classes together!!  So, in just a few weeks I will begin working on my 2nd Master's degree.

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  1. Good luck to you and your daughter! Life long learning rocks.