Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wild About Reading!

This week has been Literacy Week at my school, our theme has been Wild About Reading and we have had all sorts of fun activities. Monday they had Wild Hair Day (I didn't participate - I spend too much time keeping my hair from getting wild on a daily basis LOL), Tuesday was Animal Print day where we all wore animal print clothes. Yesterday we had a "Book Drill" similar to a fire drill except when the book drill was called everyone stopped what they were doing and began reading, the kids loved it because they got to carry their book around with them all day long. As part of the festivities we are having a "Wild About Reading" themed bulletin board contest. My kids just finished up the book Matilda today (we are watching the movie tomorrow) and we read The BFG before that, so they love Roald Dahl right now. So for our bulletin board we did "We are wild about Roald Dahl books" with a zebra print theme, and I had each student make a "book jacket" for their favorite Roald Dahl book. On the front the had to write the title and a draw a picture of their favorite scene from the book. Then on the inside they had to write about who their favorite character was and why along with a picture of the character and they had to write a description of their favorite part. They LOVED this activity and most of them did an amazing job! I doubt we will win because I have some very creative teammates but the kids really enjoyed it and I like how it turned out. Below are some pictures of the board itself and some closeups of some of the book jackets.

 a picture of the entire board

 The BFG

The Twits 


 The front of the Matilda one

 a closer shot of the title

 a picture of Roald Dahl with some of his books surrounding him

 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

 Another depiction of The BFG

 This was done by one of my lowest students - It says 
"My favorite character is Matilda because she is smart, brave, and tough"

 The BFG was by far the most popular

This student said that she drew The BFG's shelf with all the dreams he collected

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