Monday, September 26, 2011

Math ans Science fun!

The past couple weeks have been so busy but I have had a lot of fun with my kiddos in Math and Science. Thanks to all the bloggers I follow and the Pinterest boards I follow I was able to come up with some really great ideas for our math and science concepts.

We'll start with Math. After seeing this idea on Fourth Grade Frolics I knew I had to try it out with my kiddos. We have been working on fact families and they absolutely LOVED making Fact Family Portraits! The children were each given a different fact family that they were to illustrate. We showed them the pictures from Fourth Grade Frolics to give them some inspiration and I was so pleased with the results! They worked so well on there portraits. Several of them wanted to do a "theme" others just wanted to do an eclectic portrait and we gave them carte blanche to do what they wanted with their Fact Family. Below are some of their masterpieces

8, 9, 72

3, 8, 24

6, 11, 66

6, 8, 48

In science we have been studying the states and properties of matter. So my kids created a tri-fold that shows the positions of the particles in each state of matter. They used cheerios to show the particles (I got this idea from a blog over the summer and can't remember it now so if this was your idea thank you!. Then on the bottom of the foldable they had to write 3 facts and 2 examples of each state of matter. They came out super cute!



My kids loved doing both of these activities. During the time they were working on their Fact Family Portraits I overheard one of my students saying to his group "This IS math, it's just fun math!" LOL


  1. Your students did a wonderful job on their completed projects. Great lessons! I shared with my partner teacher who teaches Math, Science and Social Studies. Have you finished Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? We are on Chapter 9 and I am hoping to wrap it up by Friday. Next week we will begin Bunnicula.

  2. We are finished and we are about halfway through Fudge-a-Mania. They LOVE it too. Most of them come to me and ask me for more Judy Blume books. They love her writing. When we finish this one we will be doing The Watsons Go To Birmingham and then the BFG. I am debating on Hoot or James and the Giant Peach after the BFG. They absolutely love doing class novels, they are so happy when I say "Take out your flow map and book" How are yours enjoying Tales???

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I read your comment about using The Watsons Go To Birmingham on my blog
    Here is a resource you may want to look at:

    sorry I gave you the wrong link. This one is to Watsons Go To Birmingham. The other one is Bud Not Buddy. Christine

  5. That's pretty neat. I like the use of the cheerios. I'm sure my class would gobble them up, but prayerfully they'd learn as they ate.

  6. Your blog is awesome! Thanks for providing me with a foldable I can use for my teaching course I'm taking

    Ashlee B