Friday, September 16, 2011

Student Teacher, Specialist Degree, and Sickness

It has been a little while since I last posted and I have been super busy. I have my student teacher that has started her semester with me. She is a great intern and has really jumped right in. My class just loves her and since they are a pretty good group of kids they are making her feel very welcome. I have also started my first class in my journey towards my Ed. Specialist degree with a focus in Special Education. I just completed my first assignment tonight, and made the mistake of looking at my next module, I am now officially overwhelmed. I have to read 6 chapters in my textbook, and 5 articles, plus I have to interview a special ed teacher and write 2 papers. Oh yeah I am also one of the new co-advisers for my school's K-Kids program. It is a great community outreach club for 4th and 5th graders. So I have oh about a million things to do Agghhhhhh!!!!!!! Ok, I feel a teeny tiny bit better after screaming LOL Oh yeah and to top it all off I have been sick for the last few days. I am very thankful that I am beginning to feel better at least.

My students did a really great trifold activity for States of Matter that I will post next week. I forgot to take pictures of them so I'll wait until I have the pictures to write about them. Right now I am going to go and do a little reading for enjoyment before I am swamped in academic reading this whole weekend - with the exception of a few hours I will take off tomorrow to watch my UCF Knights play another great game of football!

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