Friday, April 27, 2012

Field Day 2012

Today we had our annual 3rd - 5th grade Field Day. Our theme this year was the Olympics. Each class chose a country to represent and then we designed banners and flags and "uniforms" to go with our country. We chose Egypt and my class decided they wanted to be The Mysterious Mummies of Egypt! LOL! So I enlisted the help of my extremely talented and artistic son (something he did NOT get from me LOL) to help us out. He made us 2 banners and he drew a picture of a mummy that I then copied onto iron on transfer printer paper and ironed on to our shirts. Here are a couple pictures of our finished products:

This is a close up of the kids' shirts - my baby drew that picture!

Here is my very talented and artistic son holding one of the shirts, standing in front of the banners my class made for him. His birthday is Tuesday so we had a surprise "Thank You/Happy Birthday" party for him yesterday

Not a very flattering picture of me, but this is my shirt, and my son had one just like it

Today was the big day and the kids were so excited! We always have an opening ceremony that includes a parade of classes and gives the judges a chance to see all the costumes and banners the classes have made and at the end of the day they choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. The winners are judged on their costumes and creativity but also on their sportsmanship and their respect for each other and the other teams. I am very proud to say that my class won 3rd place out of all the 3rd - 5th grade classes (about 22 classes) Here are some pictures of our parade "gear" and some of the kids participating in the activities

2 of my little mummies holding the Sphinx

The flag of Egypt

a scene from Egypt including the pyramids and some camels

my mummies

more of my little mummies

more of my little mummies

My son is awesome! He let us drape him up in linen cloth like a mummy!

Me and my baby boy!

Getting ready for the parade

my group with all their banners

my son doesn't give us time to pose, he just starts snapping pictures LOL

Now we're ready! 

Scooter races

cone/ball race - hopping on 1 foot

Belly Ball

My son has a heart as big as the Egyptian Pyramids - this young lady is a 4th grader from another class and none of the kids would be her partner for belly ball so my son stepped in there and was her partner - he encouraged her all the way! I am SO proud of the young man he has become.
Here they are coming around to the end of the course

getting ready for the foot races

Lets go girls!

There goes the boys!

bat relay


  1. Your shirts are amazing! Your son is very talented.


    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Your shirts and all of your posters are great! We just had a field day yesterday too (for 3rd - 8th). The school gives us t-shirts in team colors, but we don't do banners or anything. I really like your theme! It adds some educational value to all of the fun!


    Third Grade's A Charm

  3. Hi...I am so glad I found another fourth grade blog!! Those are awesome shirts and you should definitely be a proud mama! I am jealous you are done with state testing...but my kids definitely need review time these next few weeks! Great post!

    One Teacher's Take