Monday, April 23, 2012

Walk Like An Egyptian...

I have been absolutely MIA lately I have been so busy taking care of my sweet daddy and I set up a family blog to keep family and friends from out of town updated on my dad and posting pictures from our visits. I haven't had much to post either because it has been testing time here in Florida but now I'm back...

Well one of the best times of year is upon us my school does an annual Field Day and every year it is a big deal! Every year we have a theme and each class comes up with a team uniform and cheers and other team building and class spirit things. Then we have Opening Ceremonies where we have a parade and the classes are judged on class spirit and sportsmanship and the kids just have a blast with it! They even have trophies for the classes with the most spirit and creativity. 

My school has only been open for 6 years and each year the themes get better and better. The first couple years it was just colors. Last year each class in the school chose a different college and we used their colors and mascot to define our team. This year our theme is the Summer Olympics and each class in the school had to choose a country that was participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics and my class chose Egypt! We have spent a few days discussing our team name, our uniform and our banners. The kids have all made an Egyptian Flag to carry during the opening ceremonies (just like the real Olympics). The kids have decided that they want our team name to be "The Mysterious Mummies of Egypt" and they want to dress like mummies LOL They are too funny! So I had to figure out a way to make them look like mummies and still have them able to participate in the sporting events that are the main focus of field day. So I got white t-shirts and tie dyed them tan to give them an old look. We weren't done yet...

We enlisted my son (the soon to be art major) to come and help us draw up 2 banners, one with the pyramids of Egypt and the other with the Sphinx. We set up 3 stations and had the students volunteer for a "committee" we had a flag committee, a shirt committee, and a banner committee.

The Flag Committee was in charge of creating a large Egyptian flag banner that we can carry in front of our class for the opening ceremonies

The Shirt Committee was in charge of cutting up the tie dyed shirts to make them look "mummie-ish"

The Banner Committee was working with my son Garrett to create our banners. While Garrett drew the scenes for us the banner committee wrote out each of their classmates' names in hieroglyphics!

The kids are so excited for Field Day on Friday and they have decided that they are also going to use toilet paper to add to the mummy look LOL I can't wait to take and post pictures of them all decked out! Below are some pictures of them working in the committees

Making our Mummy shirts

Having fun cutting up shirts

Flag committee hard at work

Writing a classmate's name in heiroglyphics

Hard at work on the flag

Garrett busy working on our banner

Putting the final touches on the flag

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