Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Class Dojo???

Ok my daughter - who is also a teacher - told me that I HAD to get this app called Class Dojo to use with my behavior management system next year. Are any of you all familiar with this website/app? It seems pretty cool! You input your class and then the kiddos can earn/lose points based on their behavior choices. You can also email parents their child's points and graphs of their points and behaviors. It's totally FREE!!!! This sounds awesome! You can check out the website by clicking on the picture below:

I've already scoured Pinterest and found some great ways to use this in the classroom. I have used the clip chart system the last 3 years and I was thinking about trying to use it in conjunction with Class Dojo but I am wondering if that would be overkill. Plus, in the past I have only had one class of students but next year I will have my homeroom class, plus my reading class, and at my school we do not do substitutes when a teacher is out, we simply split the class so I will also have 2 - 3 students from each of the other teachers who will come to me if their teacher is absent. The clip chart just doesn't seem practical for all those kids. I mean I would need to have 18 - 22 clips for my homeroom, and then probably an additional 10 - 15 for my reading class (if not more) and then I would need to have clips for the kids who come to me for split class. With this program I just program them all in and I'm good to go. I'm thinking about doing a monthly points reward system where they earn a certain reward base don the number of points they have earned. I liked that idea a LOT because the rewards can be as simple as homework passes, lunch with me in the classroom, lunch with a friend in the classroom, a pencil, use of a gel pen... easy peasy stuff. BUT I am wondering if I should have a display of some sort that the kids can use to keep track of their points.

I saw on Pinterest one teacher has a chart similar to a clip chart but instead of clips, when the students earn a certain number of points they simply write their name on that level of the chart, I like that it is a positive display of their progress in behavior but I am wondering if it would also be "overkill." I'm glad we are still early in the summer so I have plenty of time to think about this.

Do you use this program? If so please share how you use it!!

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