Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently!

With only 3 days of school left I am SOOOOOO excited to be finishing this year and getting out of kindergarten and back in the "big kid" grades! With being in kindergarten and losing my dad I have not had time for blogging but I plan to rectify that this summer and this upcoming school year! Right now it is sort of up in the air about whether or not I will be teaching 4th grade or 3rd grade. As of right now I am assigned to 3rd grade, but my principal has told me that if a 4th grade position opens up then she will move me to 4th grade. I am excited about either one but I am just not thrilled with the uncertainty right now. So I will just prepare for both :-) My husband and son will be moving all my stuff out of my kindergarten room and into my new 3rd/4th grade room later next week and I don't want to move again over the summer - actually I think I would have to force my son to help me move a 2nd time within a few weeks/months. He is already complaining that he JUST helped me move from my old school to my new school and that was last year at this time.

When I came back tonight to  resuscitate my blog, I saw that I was just in time for Farley's June Currently! Yay! I have missed these!!

You can check it out yourself at her blog HERE

In the mean time here is mine!

LISTENING - I am blessed that my sweet hubby is making me dinner tonight so I am listening to the sound of him doing this as I sit at the kitchen table. Our boys are out with friends so the house is very quiet which is nice, some times.

LOVING - On Thursday the hubs and I will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary and I am love love loving my anniversary present which is my new MacBook Pro. A couple years ago he bought me my first Mac, the MacBook Air which I loved. I swore I would never go back to a PC but my little Mac Air only has a 60 gig hard drive so I was having to store everything on an external hard drive or a flash drive which was very inconvenient and was contemplating going back to a PC laptop for the larger hard drive. So when Hubs surprised me with my MacBook Pro with its 500 gig hard drive I landed right in Heaven :-)

THINKING - Well for me school is still in session for 3 more days with the kids and then 2 for post planning, but that has not stopped me from thinking about next year already! That's how excited I am to be moving back up. So I have been thinking about what theme I want to go with for next school year so I an start planning it all out now :-)

WANTING - I want to know what room I am in next year! At my old school (I always feel like Phoebe from Magic School Bus when I say that) we had our grade and room assignments by mid May! My current school is great, don't get me wrong, but my principal is retiring in October so there are some areas where we could use a little work. I am hoping and hoping to get my room assignment soon because my husband is taking Friday off to help me move and if I don't have a room assignment that could make things a little tricky :-)

NEEDING - Being in kindergarten this year and dealing with my dad's illness and eventual passing I have gained back about 5 pounds. Now that might not sound like a lot but I worked really hard to lose about 35 pounds a couple years ago and have been trying to keep it off. So gaining back 5 pounds has been really bugging me. Being in kindergarten has meant being downstairs so I don't get the daily exercise of several trips up and down a flight of stairs, plus in kindergarten there is a snack time and its difficult to pass up some of the yummy snacks the parents bring in on their snack day. Plus I am a stress eater so the stress of my dad's situation made those snacks even more appealing. So I need to lose the 5 pounds I have gained over the last year :-)

3 VACAY ESSENTIALS - Oh yeah!!! Super excited about this one!! Since I live in Florida and only about 45 minutes from the beach, we spend a LOT of weekends on the beach during the summer so of course I need a great book to read (My current favorite author is Francine Rivers - just finished Redeeming Love and HIGHLY recommend it!), a nice comfie beach chair, and a great new pair of flip flops!!

Well there is my June Currently! I hope you head on over to Farley's blog (link up top there) and join the party!!

PS I am SO glad to be back and that I still have 150  followers. I will be doing a giveaway pretty soon so watch for that! I'm going to give away your choice of any 3 items from my TPT store! Details will be posted soon!


  1. That is too funny, I am so excited I got out of the older grades and into Pre-Kinder! :) I have not read any books by Francine Rivers yet, they've always looked good. Congrats on your wedding anniversary and have a great summer!

    Fun in PreK-1

    1. Jessica I think we just all get to a point where we need a change :-) I have been teaching for 13 years and 9 of them have been in kindergarten so I am ready for a change :-)

  2. Oh, I never really want to teach K. Those are some special teachers. I really don't think 4th would work for me either. I really enjoy 1st! Good luck on getting everything moved and set up!

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key

    1. Dawn I taught kindergarten for 9 years and I loved it for a while, and thought I would never teach any other grade level. When my own kiddos got older though working with the little ones became more than I wanted to deal with LOL

  3. 4th grade is a great grade! I have taught it for 5 years now and am moving up to 5th grade next year. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Lana, I have taught both 3rd and 4th grade each for 2 years, and I have spent a total of 9 years in kindergarten. I taught 3rd grade the first couple years I taught, and then last year and the year before that I had taught 4th grade so I am excited about either one. I just hate not knowing for sure which one.

  5. I have been teaching 1st for three years, but my principal is moving me to 5th next year! And I am terrified! Not even sure I know how to talk to those big 5th graders...

    Have a blast your last few days of school! We are already out on summer break and it is glorious :)

    Teachery Tidbits

  6. Welcome back to the big kids :) I'm hoping you will find out soon!!
    Fun in Room 4B

    1. Thanks! I found out my room assignment today so I am able to breath a little bit :-)