Friday, June 7, 2013

New Name and URL

Well the 2012-2013 school year is in the history books. I closed out my 13th year teaching as I said goodbye to by 10th (and final) kindergarten class. Now I am officially headed back to the "big kids" 

Now to celebrate my return to blogging and my return to the big kids I am changing the name and url of my blog. Originally my blog was "Fun in 4th Grade" and since there is a chance I won't be teaching 4th grade next year I wanted to change the name of my blog to better fit whatever grade level I may be teaching. I also changed my url since it also had "fourth grade" in it. my new url is so if you have me saved in your favorite or your Pinterest please make sure you update. 

Also I am thinking about finally getting a professionally designed blog layout but have no idea where to start or what is a reasonable fee to expect so anyone with any advice or recommendations please share them!

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