Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cool things from Pinterest and 50 Followers!!

OK first off I gotta say that I am so excited!! I have been blogging for just under 2 weeks and I already have 50 followers! How exciting is that?!?!

When I first saw that I had reached 50 followers I was excited... then I thought, "OK well what exactly IS the big deal?" So I started thinking about why I was so excited that anyone was following my blog and it occurred to me, having followers of this blog will help me stay motivated!

Every year I get really excited when school is about to start and I have all sorts of great ideas and intentions but by about the 3rd week of school I start to slip back into the "same ole same ole" routine and then I feel bad because I didn't carry out all my great intentions! Well I think the fact that I have started this blog and I have people who are following it, will help me stay on track with my new ideas and inspirations because I feel somewhat accountable to those followers, I feel like I have "promised" to do something and am being expected to keep that promise.

I know I am more than likely analyzing this way too much but hey, if it keeps me motivated and keeps me trying new things then my students are the ones that are going to end up benefiting the most. So thank you to everyone who is following me and I just hope that as the school year progresses, I don't bore the  daylights out of all of you!

OK... now onto the cool things I found on Pinterest!! Check out these cool motivational posters!!
I was stalking Pinterest and came across the blog Sweet Blessings and found some AWESOME motivational posters!! These 4 were my faves so I had to print them out and laminate them to hang in my classroom! I don't remember whose Pinterest I found these on but if you know who you are I thank you for pinning these!! I am going to put these in the very front of my room and refer to them often. I think they are great quotes and sayings! My momma always used to say "Can't never could because he never tried" and I always tell my students they are not allowed to say "I can't" they can only say "I'll try" so I LOVED the one on the top left. I am thinking about making it into a bookmark for each of my students.

Pinterest has given me several projects to make but I came across this on the blog called Two Things in Common

I spent the morning putting together my Daily Folders, my Unfinished Work folders, and extra reading notebooks. I made extras of the folders too and I am going to make 5 sets of these New Student Bags. I am going to put these things in the bag:
Welcome Letter
Supply list
Reading Notebook
Daily Folder
Unfinished Work Folder
Clip Chart clip
Lunch Count strip
Desk tag
AR Monkey cut out (for AR incentive board)
AR Sticker incentive chart
School Code of Conduct book (if the office will give me extras)
School Planner (if the office will give me extras)

I think there will be a few more things, I won't know for sure until I start setting out everything for my students, basically everything my students get the first couple days of school will go in the bag. That way when I get a new students all I have to do is pull out the bag and have everything ready no stress!

Well that's all for now! I get to start working in my classroom tomorrow so I will be posting some pictures over the next few days.


  1. I really like that idea! I would love to do it but I wonder if I have time to do it? It just makes me realize I need to get more organized. Oi vey. Lol

  2. Shelly, The new student bags are super easy, as you make things for your students to use on a day to day basis just make like 5 extras and put them each into a gallon size bag. Super easy!

  3. First, congrats on 50 followers!! That is so exciting. I loved your analysis of everything, because I have had those same thoughts. I love to dream up ideas and I don't always follow through, so the blog helps get me motivated and focused... love it!

    Second, I love this new student bag idea. So simply and so brilliant. Thanks for sharing! :)

    The Teaching Thief

  4. Thanks Amanda! I wish I could take credit for the bag but its not my idea LOL It is SO simple I am wondering why I never thought of it LOL

  5. Congrats on 50 followers! Thanks for posting the contents of your future welcome bags. I had seen these on pinterest too, but it's nice to see what someone is planning to put in them!!