Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Daughter's Classroom

I spent all day yesterday and most of the day today helping my daughter set up her 1st grade classroom. Her classroom is really tiny so it was a challenge to find a way to make it all fit and make it all work! She has only had 3 days to work in her classroom and she has Meet The Teacher on Tuesday! So she was in a bit of a panic after she spent most of the day on Monday just getting everything into her room. So of course mom had to make the 2 hour drive to go help her and calm her nerves. Below are some picture of her bright and colorful classroom!

View from the front door

View from her teacher table

the removable wall to the left of her door

Her calendar, job chart, birthday poster, and morning check-in

Another view from the door. 

her word wall and reading area

her reading area

Listening center

Her class rules

Bookshelf and Easel

There's my baby girl working at her desk

The view from the back of the room - That's my "baby" boy sitting at her desk
He came along to do the heavy lifting for us

an "aerial" view ( I was standing on a counter)

Another shot from the top of the counter - That's my girl sitting at her desk!


  1. It looks GREAT... her rules are awesome. ;) Congratulations Ashley!!

  2. Such a cute classroom! Love how everything is set up. Y'all did a great job!

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  3. LOL Jackie, I thought you might recognize those LOL

    Dana, thank you she did a great job of figuring things out. I'm so proud of her!

  4. I just think you are so sweet! Reminds me of my Mom, but she wasn't a teacher...........she just always helps me still. What in the world would this 40 year old do without her Mom? Your daughter is so lucky to have you!

  5. Aww thank you so much Kelly. My mom passed away when I was my daughter's age (23)or else I know she would have been right there next to me helping her too, and then she would have been in my classroom helping me on Monday :-) She owned and operated her own day care center and she would teach the children in her care their ABCs and numbers and she even would teach them how to read and write. She would have made an amazing teacher, so I know she would have been so proud to have a daughter and granddaughter who are both teachers.

  6. Her classroom looks great!! Love the job chart :) it's super cute.

  7. Her classroom looks awesome!! I'm glad I found a 4th grade blog! Look forward to keeping up with your blog!

  8. Love it! I'm setting up my first classroom this week too. I am so jealous of the copier in the room- what a great idea.

  9. The room looks PHENOMENAL. For the small space, it looks nice and so organized in there, and she can be content that she will have no more than 18 students this year. :) Does she have a weblog? - Victoria

  10. It is absolutely AMAZING! Ya'll are awesome!!!