Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Only a few more days...

Wow, I can't believe how quickly this summer has gone by. Each year they seem to go by faster and faster. I also can't believe how much STUFF I have gotten for my classroom over the summer as well. You would think that with this being my 12th year teaching that I wouldn't need to buy more stuff but each year it seems I find something else I just have to have. I am going to blame my daughter this year, since she is a new teacher and is getting ready to set up her own classroom she has inspired me to buy stuff, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. At least that's what I am going to tell the Hubs when he comes home and sees this on our bed

I have done a good job of keeping it all sort of "hidden" in plain site, I have had bags laying around the bedroom for a few weeks now but I had to get it all organized before I take it to my classroom next week. This is not even including the two boxes of books I also have to add to my classroom library. 

I am trying to enjoy the few remaining days of summer break while they last although that will not be easy to do since I seem to have something to do almost every day starting tomorrow. 
Tomorrow - ESE meeting at school )hoping to get a chance to sneak into my room and at least get the desks arranged
Friday - Dentist appointment to get 3 fillings
Saturday and Sunday - relaxing
Monday - working in my classroom FINALLY
Tuesday - Working my classroom
Wednesday - Dr. Appointment for my son
Thursday - NOTHING
Friday and Saturday - Driving 2 hours to Port St. Lucie (and staying the night) to help my daughter set up her classroom.
Then Monday the 15th its back to work for me for our preplanning week. So much to do so much to do!
Geez I think I need a nap just from thinking about it all! 

~~~~~~~~~~ Cindy ~~~~~~~~~~


  1. Love your idea of charting your few days until school starts...I need to do this so I don't have days of feeling overwhelmed.


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  2. Pat I am a constant list maker LOL I have to make lists to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed. When I make a list then I feel like I am still in control, even if it is just an illusion of control LOL When I mark something off my list I feel like I have accomplished something. I am so bad, I have actually been known to make a list of all the lists I need to make LOL