Friday, August 5, 2011

Goodies I have made for my classroom!

Thanks to Create-Teach-Share for sharing this great idea for a super cute organizer. I went to Lowes today and bought the organizer drawer thing then I printed off the labels she shared, added a little of my own decorations and TA-DA!!

I am SO excited and can't wait to put this in my classroom and get rid of the ugly bins I have had this stuff in currently. Now I just have to figure out where to put this. I have two ideas so as soon as I get in my classroom I will figure it out.

I am hoping to relax and enjoy my weekend. Then on Monday and Tuesday I get to work in my room. I can't wait to get started!

I have also completed my Clip Chart for this year as well. Thanks to Teach-A-Roo for the printables. I am VERY pleased with how it turned out! I can't wait to get it all set up in my classroom too!

I am SO thankful that my friend Jackie from Sister Teachers introduced me to the teacher blogging world and Pinterest! These are just two of the awesome ideas I have been able to garner for my classroom! Plus I have learned how to make my own printable posters and labels and all sorts of other goodies.


  1. Awe... yay!! I'm glad you're here!! We'll have to spread the word about the wonderful world of blogging throughout the Castle this year. =)
    I love the supply organizer...I could totally get rid of my desk if I had one of these things to organize my supplies!! -Jackie-

    p.s. How were you able to link the words "sister teachers" to my blog?

  2. Yay!!! Your tool box looks amazing. You're like me...when I got the idea to make mine, I ran out to Lowes right away. So glad you made one!!!


  3. Jackie, I just highlighted the words and then clicked on the "link" button in the compose box.

  4. Rebecca, I couldn't wait to get this made!! I was super excited that I found a red one at my Lowes, and it is exactly like the blue but it was $3 cheaper so I couldn't pass up the red one LOL

  5. I saw the toolbox and loved it too. Yours turned out great. Maybe I will have to head to Lowe's tomorrow and keep my husband busy this weekend!!