Saturday, August 6, 2011

A few more things I have printed, laminated, and cut out

After searching unsuccessfully for calendar headers that would go with my monkey theme this year I found nothing I really liked so I did what I have been doing since I started stalking blogs, I made my own!

I was also stalking Pinterest and came across a really cute noise level poster (left side) from Little Warriors blog that I just had to print out too !

I get to work in my classroom on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week so I will be posting some before, during, and after pictures. I have to spend a little time tomorrow putting everything that I have accumulated over the summer in my car to take to school Monday morning. I am not sure how I will get it all into my classroom, I usually drag my youngest son with me the first day I get in my classroom to do my heavy lifting (he is a 6' 1" 225lb high school football player) but this year his football time trials are the same days I get to get into my classroom so I will have to try to snag one of the school carts to get everything to my room.

I don't know how much I can get done in 2 days but I am hoping quite a lot. I like to have my room totally arranged and decorated before preplanning officially begins so that I am not stressing during the countless meetings we have during that week. That way all I have left to do is put student names on everything to be ready for Meet The Teacher.

My poor daughter is really stressing too. She gets to get in her room for the first time on Monday as well and then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday she has orientation and trainings to attend, then she has Friday and Saturday to work in her room again, then Monday she has meetings ALL day and then Tuesday she has Meet The Teacher! She is stressing out because she only has 3 days to get her room ready, I will be going down on Friday morning to help her and I will be staying at her house that night and then helping her on Saturday too, I am really looking forward to helping her set up her classroom. I just love having a daughter who is in the same profession as I am. We have always been close but I think this just brings us closer because we have even more in common.


  1. Tell your daughter not to panic too much! Does she have a copy of Spaces & Places?? It'll help I'm sure! I ALWAYS take pictures of my room first and then decide where things will go. It makes my arranging faster and more productive. We only get one actual contract day to set up our classrooms so teachers in my district are always bugging our principals to let us in the building as soon as possible so we can work and not be left scrambling right before school starts.

  2. Sonny thanks for the advice for her. I don't think she has a copy of that book. I know she got to see her room last week and she took a ton of pictures so she has been staring at those already and planning things out. I am sure she will make a lot of headway tomorrow. I can't wait for her phone call to tell me all about it :-)

  3. Yay!!! Glad you liked the noise level freebie!!;)
    Thanks for the shout out!!
    Little Warriors

  4. Katie thank you for making them! They are great! Such a cute visual reminder!