Monday, July 25, 2011

The Fun Pen Bin!!

I was so very fortunate to be able to go to a Melissa Forney 2 day conference last week and she had some GREAT ideas to get kids excited about writing and way to bring thei scores up. One of the ideas that she had that I am really hoping to get to use this year is her Fun Pen Bin. This is a bin of crazy and fun pens that the teacher pulls out once a month and the kids get to do their writing with one of the fun pens! I was super excited about this idea but had no clue where to find "fun pens." I went to Staples to hit their 1 cent sale and lo and behold there were some REALLY cute pens. I had to spend $5 to get the 1 cent deals and the pens were only $2 a piece so I got 3 of them. Its not enough for my whole class but its a start. I am also planning to ask parents to be on the look out and to send in fun pens. Hopefully my collection will grow quickly. Otherwise I will use them as a reward somehow until I get enough for everyone to use. I especially LOVE the monkey pen because my theme this year will be monkeys :-)

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  1. Don't you just love Melissa Forney? She is pretty amazing. I bought the bee pen you posted above from Staples last year to give to the winner of our class spelling bee. I just bought some more fun pens at The Dollar Tree. They had several different ones. Welcome to the blogging world!