Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Great Day at the Foreman Home!!

OK this is not going to be about teaching or education at all. This morning I was totally engrossed in The Book Whisperer and about 3 hours ago my son Bobby texted me that he had passed the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test!!! This test is the jumping off point for him entering the police academy and you can only take the test 3 times in a year, if you do not pass after the third attempt you have to wait an entire year before you can try again. This was his third attempt and he got it!!! It is so awesome to see God bringing things together for my children. I have always told them that if God puts it in your heart then He will make sure it happens and the hardest part is that He will see it happens on His time not on our time. My daughter Ashley and my son Bobby have both had to learn this lesson in the past year and it has been so awesome to see it all come to fruition. God has laid it on my daughter's heart to be a teacher, she had a rough year and ended up taking a job at a day care while she continued to search for her new classroom. After a very bad experience and several interviews she was getting frustrated but I knew that God had something in mind for her and kept telling her that God did not put it in her heart for her to be a teacher to just leave her hanging. The same with my son Bobby, he has had it in his heart for 6 years now that he wants to be a police officer. Bobby has struggled all through school with a learning disability and when he joined the sheriff's department's Explorers program he just thrived in that environment. He knew he had found what he loved, law enforcement! Again after taking the entrance exam twice and missing that passing score by just a couple points each time he was getting frustrated, again I told him the same thing I had told his sister, God puts these things in our hearts and He will make them happen in His time. I am SO proud to say that my daughter will be teaching 1st grade this coming school year and my son will be entering the police academy. The funny thing is both of them have their orientations on the exact same day!

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