Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting Anxious!

Ok I am really getting anxious to get into my classroom and start getting things set up. I came up with some great new set up ideas at the end of last year and can't wait to get in my room and start putting things in order. I am really excited about setting up my reading area and I hope it looks as inviting in real life as it does in my head :-) Since I began stalking teacher blogs, created my own blog, and started reading The Book Whisperer I have gotten so many great ideas for my classroom set up and my teaching in general. I know that once school starts again I will be missing these boring days of summer but right now I am chomping at the bit to get into my classroom. I have a meeting at the school next week and I am hoping that after the meeting I can sweet talk my way into my room for just a little bit, maybe just long enough to get the furniture arranged. Then the following week we get 2 days to come in and work in our rooms. I am the type of teacher who wants my room done and all set up before pre-planning starts so that I am not sitting in our meetings after meetings after meetings worried about if my room will be ready for Meet The Teacher. I like to spend my pre-planning time actually planning, well, that's not really true, I usually have my first 2 weeks planned out before pre-planning too LOL. I like to spend pre-planning just putting the finishing touches on my room, running to Wal-Mart to buy one more bin for my books or one more set of folders for another idea I have had or found online LOL My goal this year is to keep the excitement that I have the first few weeks of school for as long as I can.

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