Friday, July 29, 2011

Shopping with my Daughter

I was super excited that the Hubs got paid today, that meant I could go to the store and pick up the things I have been thinking about and planning to make for my classroom. I was a little bummed though because I was missing my daughter and was wishing she was here to go shopping with me. My 23 year old daughter Ashley, who I am VERY close to and who teaches first grade moved 2 hours away back in November. So I anyway I was missing her and wishing that she was in town so that we could do our teacher shopping together.

Well, as I was heading out the door my baby girl called me and GUESS WHAT!! SHE was out shopping for her classroom too!! So we totally shopped together on the phone (thank goodness for unlimited mobile to mobile)

It was really kinda neat because we would describe what we were thinking about for our classrooms and we would give each other ideas and tips. We even helped each other find some great deals! Mostly I bought things I needed to either make something or enhance something in my room but I did find these really cute cones at Dollar Tree and I am going to use them as a quite way to positively reinforce my students just by simply placing a cone on their desk to reinforce their on task behavior.


  1. Love these cones from the Dollar Tree! I bought several.

  2. I got one at a Melissa Forney conference and then found them at Dollar Tree today. The funny thing was my daughter (who lives 2 hours away from me) found them at her Dollar Tree today as well and she found a blue one that said "SuperStar" which was perfect for her because her classroom theme this year is space related so "SuperStar" fits it perfectly :-)

  3. We have the blue ones at our Dollar Tree, too. I have red, yellow, and orange...think I'll get the blue when I go back in if they're still there. You've got me going! ;)

    Melly <><

    Second Grade Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

  4. @ Melly, my store didn't have the blue ones or I would have gotten one of those too. I think it is just a cute little way to reinforce positive behavior.